How It Works

It only takes minutes to set up a DepositGuard Account and create your DepositGuard Agreement.

1 Click on Get Started to set up your free DepositGuard Account. It's as easy as filling in your email and contact information. All correspondence and messages will go to your email address.
2 Click on Create DepositGuard Agreement. It will be useful to have your rental agreement on hand to input essential information about your rental (for example: dates, payment amounts and cancellation policies). A DepositGuard Agreement is generated with the terms and conditions of how and when the payments are handled. You review and e-sign the DepositGuard Agreement. We automatically notify the other party to the transaction.
3 The Other Party Confirms or Requests Changes. The other party receives an email notification to log in, review and e-sign the DepositGuard Agreement. If necessary, they also have the ability to request a change prior to e-signing.
4 The Renter Makes Payment. Once e-signed by both renter and landlord, the renter will receive an email request to log in and make the necessary payment (as required in the rental agreement) via credit/debit card or electronic check.
5 DepositGuard Agreement Active. Both parties receive an email stating the funds have been deposited and another email once the funds have cleared. When the funds clear, the DepositGuard Agreement is active.
6 Manage Your DepositGuard Agreement. You can access your DepositGuard Agreement at any time to monitor the money, make additional payments, release money early, change dates or close the account. If any of these actions take place prior to the rental start date, it will require both the renter and homeowner to be in agreement.

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