If you're a homeowner or a property manager, DepositGuard is an effective business tool to manage all your transactions and finances--anytime, anywhere. It's smart, simple, safe and free to you.

Chart Increase your bookings
DepositGuard is a symbol of quality and transparency. When your listing shows that you use DepositGuard it tells renters that you stand behind your property and good business practices.
Credit Card Accept credit/debit cards and electronic checks
You don't have to set up a merchant account. With DepositGuard, you can accept credit/debit card payments and electronic checks, without hassle, and every transaction is free of charge to you!
White Glove Simplify your payment process
With our e-dashboard, you can access and manage your rental payments and security deposits online, at a glance, anytime, anywhere.
Clipboard Maintain your terms and conditions
Your existing rental agreement stays in effect, including the terms and conditions of your cancellation policy.
Free It's free to you!
While the benefits are fantastic, using DepositGuard is free to you!
Hand Shake Let us help you settle disagreements
Sometimes things don't go according to plan. If this happens, as a neutral third party, DepositGuard will help you quickly and professionally resolve disagreements.
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It's easy as 1-2-3

One When the renter selects your property, you simply go to DepositGuard.com and set up a free account. You create an agreement between both parties with details such as: the rental dates, your payment terms and your cancellation policies and email it to the renter to sign.
Two The renter submits rental payments and security deposits via credit/debit card or electronic check – just as with any online transaction. You can monitor the account and confirm that the money is there at any time.
Woman with House
Three When a renter arrives and finds everything is OK, we automatically send you the rental payment, and pay commissions too, the day after the rental begins. When a renter departs and you verify that they've left the place in good condition, we follow your instructions to release the security deposit.

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Here's what owners and managers are saying:

"I had a renter that was nervous about paying for the rental without seeing the property—and she almost backed out of the deal. When I told her that we use DepositGuard and explained how the money is held in a neutral account until she arrives, well, that was just what she needed to hear. She felt much better about the rental, and even suggested us to her friends as a trustworthy rental company in Cabo." - Maria Cabo, San Lucas

"I manage quite a few rental properties and I was really happy with how easy it was to use DepositGuard. The online account helped me to streamline the admin and still stay on top of the details of the rentals, all from my Ipad." - Thomas Florida

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