When you're renting a vacation home, using DepositGuard is smart, simple and safe – it's the new way to rent with confidence.

Safe Safeguard your payments & deposits
DepositGuard securely holds your rental payments and security deposits in a neutral account until you arrive to the property.
Key Confirm your rental
DepositGuard gives you peace of mind when renting a property you've never seen, from someone you've never met. Your money is released to the landlord the day after your rental starts, giving you the chance to arrive and verify the property.
Credit Card Pay by credit /debit card or electronic check
DepositGuard accepts credit / debit cards and electronic checks for your rental payments and security deposits. Earn credit card miles paying for your vacation rental- it's fast and easy with our online system!
White Glove Fully transparent online process
You can monitor the status of your funds online and access your account at any time during the process to ensure your money is safe.
Lock Icon Keep your personal financial information private
DepositGuard protects you against identity theft and ensures that your important financial data is kept completely confidential. We don't share or sell your email or other personal information with anyone.
Handshake We're here to help
Sometimes things don't go according to plan. If this happens, as a neutral third party, DepositGuard can help you quickly and professionally resolve disagreements.
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It's easy as 1-2-3

One Once you've found that perfect home, you and your landlord or rental agent simply click "Get Started" and enter the details of your rental. This creates an agreement between both parties, entrusting DepositGuard to securely hold payments until the day after the rental starts.
Two You submit your rental payments via credit / debit card or electronic check, just as you would with any online transaction.
Woman with House
Three The payment is released to the landlord the day after you arrive, giving you the chance to verify the property is "as advertised".

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Here's what people are saying:

"I like the idea of renting a vacation home but it always seemed like such a gamble. When I heard about DepositGuard and how they hold my payment until I arrive, that really made sense to me. So I did it and we had one of the best vacations ever." - Allison Littleton, Colorado

"I'm in Canada and going on holiday to Mexico. The property manager suggested I use DepositGuard and I'm glad he did. It was really easy to make my payment online with my credit card. I will definitely use DepositGuard again for my next vacation." - Lisa British Columbia, Canada

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How much does it cost?

Credit Card MasterCard or Visa: 2.99% E-Check Electronic Check: 1.99%

Service fees are based on the transaction amount and are paid at the same time as your payment.

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